Spring and storybook style at its finest!

The Monet Playhouse  at the Dallas Arboretum - 2012 
Image via: Boomer Brief
I ran across this gorgeous image and thought, Wow what a perfect example of a storybook style playhouse!  This tiny house fits seamlessly into its landscape as if it had always been there.  (The wow thought was immediately followed by the sinking feeling that my own yard is in dire need of a complete overhaul).  While we may not all be able to pull this off as well as the Dallas Arboretum (I mean hey they are landscape professionals), we could enjoy the beautiful weather and plant a few flowers with our children. 

We just bought sunflower seeds.  I cannot wait to see the look of wonder on my children's face when they see the 1 foot wide blooms!  Gardening is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature with your kids.  Playhouse fun doesn't have to stop with the house itself! 

I keep thinking about the little bridge in the photo above...how many kids have walked over it and entered into another world.  How many imagined the troll under the bridge guarding the cottage beyond?


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