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  Add a punch of color to your playhouse windows with this easy DIY paint can planter.  It's details like these that can add big character to your tiny house.  Don't forget to get the kids involved with this project.  Start making memories!  STEP 1:   Round up all the supplies.  Paint cans - The number may vary depending on how wide your window is.  Old used paint cans work great too, and are a good way to teach your children about recycling.   Small can of paint that matches your window trim.  Board to attach all of the paint cans to.  I used a 1x4 cut to 17 1/2" long.  2 small D-Ring hangers (3 if your using more than 3 paint cans).  2 large (1 1/2" long min) wood screws to hang the planter on.  6 small (3/4" long) wood screws to attach the paint cans to the board.  1 nail for making holes in the bottom of the paint cans for water drainage.  Hammer   Tape measure  Paint brush  Drill STEP 2: Cut your board to the right length.  I cu

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