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Free playhouse plans are now available!  I typically don't offer free plans (a lot of work goes into producing them), but I just couldn't resist with these.   This tiny house would look great in any back yard, and it's the perfect size.  The simple straightforward design of the playhouse allows you to personalize it and give it a style that fits your family.  This version is a bit traditional, but with different materials it could be much more whimsical or even a bit modern.  It's amazing how much a different color palate can change the whole look and character of the house.

When designing this tiny house to be auctioned at Mistletoe Marketplace, I had several factors to consider.  We were relying on the generous material donations of local businesses to complete the playhouse.  At the time the drawings were done, I had no idea what materials would be available.  Talk about making it difficult to plan ahead!  It occurred to me that this is often the case with DIY playhouses.  Materials are sometimes scavenged or collected as the playhouse is being built.  You don't always have everything you need when you start.  This very basic plan is ideal if you don't know exactly what materials you are going to have until you get them.

I have talked before about salvaged shanties, and although this is in no way a shanty, it was built based on the same concepts.  Work with what you have.  Thankfully we were fortunate enough to get some really nice materials to work with!  I would like to point out the gorgeous reclaimed wood door and beautiful floors, both donated by Bubba Cunningham of Plantation Millworks.

We only had three weeks to comple the playhouse, which is plenty of time if that's all you're doing, but who really has nothing to do for three weeks?  As a business owner and mother of two boys, it goes without saying we always have a lot going on.  (For example the fridge and washing machine died the day we started construction).  Since this house was being donated, the bulk of the work was done on weekends, and whenever I could scrape out time during the week.  With that being said, I think this would be a good summer project.  Allow yourself enough time to really enjoy the process, and get your kids involved.  I realize not everyone has the luxury of time, and there's nothing wrong with hiring a contractor.  We even wound up hiring a guy to build the door casing and put the hardware on even though we could have done it ourselves.  Doors can be tricky and we just didn't have the time.     

I had tons of fun designing the interior of the playhouse!  I admit I was a little ambitious thinking we could build the playhouse and furniture in such a short time frame.  I started building the furniture before we even had materials to do the house, so it really wasn't too bad.  The daybed in the back was inspired by Pottery Barn's Priscilla daybed (now discontinued).  After sketching out plans that would fit a crib mattress I found a great set of step by step plans on Ana White's site for the Lydia Daybed (very similar).  She has some great stuff over there, and her plans are easy to follow.  I'll post my modifications to the bed soon.  Oh, I can't thank mom enough for making the mattress cover and pillows!  Love the colors!

I also made the kid sized table.  By the time I made the table, we had very little left in the budget.  The legs are 2x4 scraps and the apron part is constructed from 1x4s left over from the playhouse trim.  I did splurge and purchase the top.  I think it was $14, not too bad for a table!  The chair I found at an antique store, and with a quick sanding and a couple coats of paint it was ready to go.

The footprint of this playhouse is 6'-0" x 8'-0" making it ideal for a garden office or potting shed after the kids are grown.  With vaulted ceilings that follow the roof line, there's even plenty of room for adults to stand up inside.  Oh, and the door is 2'-2" wide x 5'-8" high.  I have to admit it was really hard letting this one go.  I've been wanting a retreat of my own for some time now. 

I hope you enjoy these plans, and don't forget to check out more playhouse plans on my website. I'm continually adding plans to the site, so let me know what type of playhouse your looking for.


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