Monday, October 31, 2011

1893 Playhouse Restoration

Playhouse prior to restoration

 The Baker Family Playhouse was constructed c.1893 by Captain James A. Baker for his daughter Alice. At the time of its construction, the Baker family lived at 1104 San Jacinto Street. Over the 118 year history of the playhouse, it moved with the family five times and entertained four generations of Baker children. In 2010, the playhouse was moved to Sam Houston Park to spare it from demolition and to allow future generations of Houston children the chance to enjoy its charm. The Heritage Society plans a full restoration of the playhouse. The playhouse is located behind the Nichols-Rice-Cherry House. 

Source:  The Heritage Society as Sam Houston Park

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Before and After

Do you already have a play space that just needs a little redo?  Stina Saem did a beautiful job turning her old playhouse into a shabby chic retreat for both big and little girls!  Check out her blog for more pictures and details.  If you're not careful a playhouse can quickly become a storage room.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for creating spaces that have the potential for dual functions, but if you have the space why not use it for something more fun!  I imagine there will be many  play dates here, now that it's more inviting.


I'm loving the play kitchen with little touches of pink!  Great stove too!  Another thing I noticed about this playhouse is the beautiful natural light - a detail you don't want to overlook.  

If you've done a playhouse makeover send me pictures!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Play Kitchen Apron

The playhouse I'm building is well under construction and will be complete a week from today!  I've already started thinking about the finishing touches.  The playhouse will have a built in play kitchen, which means some lucky little chef will need an apron.  So with that in mind, I was off to the fabric store.  After at least an hour (maybe two), I forced myself to select just enough fabric for one apron, a skirt for under the sink, and a banner.  I can not stress how difficult it was to not walk out of the store with enough fabric to do several different schemes.

I have many memories as a child of my mom sewing.  She made everything from Halloween costumes to baby doll clothes.  Now that I'm in my 30's and have children of my own,  I've decided it's about time that I learn how.  I wish I could say I did the apron above, but all I really did was sketch out the pattern, cut it out, and sew the pocket squares together...all with mom's guidance.  She took the rest home and finished it up.  When she brought it back , not only was it done, but it had a mini rolling pin and oven mitt in it!  Thank you mom!