Thursday, August 2, 2012

Log Cabin Playhouse

The moss growing on the cedar shingles of this tiny hand-built log cabin playhouse makes it look as if it has been there forever.  I guess green roofs are not really a new concept!  Building a playhouse that ages gracefully can be a challenge, but this family pulled it off.  So how do you build a playhouse that will stand the test of time, a playhouse that your children's children will enjoy?  Select quality materials, such as cedar or cypress that weather well, and use good doors and windows.  Speaking of doors, that dutch door is just perfect! Another thing I want to point out about this playhouse is the way it is part of the landscape.

"The garden in front of the playhouse is filled with blueberries, jasmine and old-fashioned gardenias."

Doesn't this just feel like something out of a storybook!

Houses on Lake Lanier

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