Thursday, July 5, 2012

Green Playhouses

Check out these amazing green playhouses from the Colorado Green Building Guild playhouse competition at Growing Gardens!  It's not easy to take scraps (what many people consider trash) and turn them into play structures, but these guys outdid themselves.  As I tried to narrow down a few to highlight, I quickly realized that was an impossible task.  More pictures of the other playhouses can be found on their facebook page.  As you look at these, notice the details. 

Tom Cattany (Melton Construction)

Heidi Habbinga (Design for Coexistence)
Carolyn Braaksma (Braaksma Design, Inc.)
Kathleen Bevers

Sawhorse Studio, Inc.: Kurt Simmerman, 
Julie Frieder, Mick Tresemer
Scott Rodwin, Kirsten Snobeck, Brandon David, 
Ron Flax,  Ronnie Rowcotsky

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