Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making A Playhouse Your Own

If you are playing in your play kitchen, you'll need an apron, and not just any apron will do. It must coordinate perfectly with your kitchen and looks great on.  As a mom, I'm very aware of how fashion conscience a four year old can be, and how once they find something they like they will wear it every day.  (My son wore his Captain America Costume for a solid week after Halloween...yes we washed it).  This apron was designed to be very durable as well as fashionable.  It is fully lined, and there are no unfinished edges.  The neck strap is Velcro, making it easy for little hands to get on and off.  
It's a fun way to dress up a pair of jeans and boots!  I may need to make this in a larger size...

It's impossible to design a play space and not think about all of the details including furnishings and accessories.  I opened an Etsy shop that I and my elves (mom & granny) are working hard to stock.  It's a bit sparse at the moment, but eventually will be full of handmade aprons, baby doll quilts, and play furniture.  In addition to the handmade items, I'm always on the lookout for vintage items that will give your playhouse personality and make it uniquely yours.   

I'll be adding more aprons, doll quilts and pendants to the shop between now and Christmas, so check back if you don't see exactly what you're looking for.

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