Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wish Upon a Star!

One thing I love about road trips are the treasures you find along the way!  My brother got married last weekend in Batesville, MS.  On the way up, we stopped at an antique store just off the side of the highway (thankfully I was riding with my mom, grandmother, and aunt who were more than willing to stop).  I found an amazing whimsical chair that would be perfect in a girly playhouse.  As soon as I'm done refinishing it, I'll post before and after photos. I also found these old iron stars that would look great on a rustic hideout.  The cast iron stars were originally used as reinforcement for brick walls, but would work well attached to some old salvaged I just need to find the siding.  I already have some beautifully aged tin  from an old barn near my parents house that could be used for the roof.  One of my next challenges will be to create a little boy's clubhouse completely from salvaged materials.  My garage is already beginning to look a bit like a salvage center! 

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