Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Airstream Playhouse

How cool is this airstream playhouse!  Love the green & pink!  If I could only see the interior (pictures anyone)?  This is the second airstream playhouse I've ran across...I'll have to find pictures of the other one.  This modern day Gypsy Caravan is perfect for kids on the go!  It is is being auctioned off in support of Dallas CASA.  Don't miss your chance it could be yours!  For more info. and to purchase raffle tickets  click here.

Found it!  Here's the other one!  The image above is from Life with Peanut.  It was designed and built for the Playhouse Palooza in support of the Riverview Charter School in Beaufort, South Carolina way back in 2009.  I highlighted a few playhouses from that event here.

I love these playhouses on wheels!  Whether you are thinking about designing a Gypsy caravan or a more retro version of a mobile playhouse check out some of my previous post for inspiration.

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