Monday, July 18, 2011

Green Playhouse

This amazing green playhouse was built by Pai‘ea Millwrights and Philip K. White & Associates  and auctioned off in support of the Hawaii Nature Center.

 The  Green Leaf  did a great write up on it:

The playhouse is made of recycled redwood, cedar, fir and luan. It's outfitted with a small photovoltaic panel on the roof to power a bubble blower on the composite Trex lanai. It also has a rain catchment bucket to help water the little WikiGarden.  It's a way to show keiki sustainable living.
"Hawaii is a place where we have the option to build very lightly and still have some comforts," said Logan Pai‘ea White, founder of Pai‘ea Millwrights. "Refinement can always be added through emphasis on design, functionality and creativity. The playhouse is a model of these values."

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