Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picture Perfect Playhouse

I am loving Birdie Blue's adorable playhouse! As you all know I have a special place in my heart for homemade play spaces. There is something special about a playhouse that has been handcrafted. They tend to have a personality of their own reflective of the family that created it. The exterior is white stained cedar with pops of color at the door and shutters. Check out that custom screen door! Details like these really add to the character of the playhouse, not to mention keep out bugs while still allowing the breeze in. Vents were also added to help with natural ventilation. There's nothing worse than having a playhouse that's too hot to enjoy.


The interior is decked out top to bottom(literally)with everything a girl could want! What a dreamy loft! Curtains blowing in the breeze...

I'd like to point out that this playhouse has been through a redo. Check out the before picture.  A good playhouse should be able to grow with your family, but just like a real house it may need a bit of maintenance and care over the years. A fresh coat of paint may be all you need to give your playhouse new life. I hope this playhouse inspires you to take a second look at the forgotten playhouse in your backyard. It may be time to make some new memories

If you have before and after pictures of your playhouse send them my way!

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