Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Play Kitchen Redo

Finding a reasonably priced play kitchen for a boy (that meets my design standards)  is nearly impossible. My original plan was to design and build it from scratch, but with the deadline being Christmas, there just wasn't enough time.  After extensive online research, I finally decided on a Battat (Target) play kitchen which I quickly discovered was a discontinued model. Why is it that once I get my mind set on something it's not available? Thankfully I was able to snag one on ebay.  If you can get past the bright blue, this is a good solid kitchen.      

I could have just assembled the kitchen and been done, but why make life during the holiday season less complicated.   This thing is going to be a permanent fixture in our dining room for at least a few years, might as well look decent.  My son would have been more than happy with it the way it was (probably would have added a couple Thomas stickers).  So with that being said, I'll admit the play kitchen was for him, but the redo was for me.  I am so thankful my husband no longer questions my insanity.  His only requirement was that I have it painted and ready for him to assemble the Wednesday before Christmas. (We were putting it together the night before).

The kitchen came in a gazillion pieces! I decided to paint everything that was primary blue white.  Everything else stayed the way it was.  It took two coats of primer and two coats of finish paint before the bright blue was gone.  As most projects go, it took longer than expected, but really wasn't that bad.  Spray paint may have worked just as well, but we already had the white from our real kitchen remodel...an ongoing never ending process.

The back is covered in scrapbook paper - super easy and fast.  I used spray adhesive to glue it to the back panels before assembling it.  Once it's assembled the paper is sandwiched between the wood and isn't going anywhere.  If I were going to do this again, I would seal the paper with something before putting it together, just in case my little cook gets messy.  Wallpaper or even a scrap of fabric would also make a great back splash.  Since it's such a small area you really don't need much.  Finding a pattern that wasn't too girly was a bit of a challenge.  I get very distracted went looking at pretty paper.

Christmas morning!  Please excuse the PJs. Grandma gave him some really cute Christmas ones, but he doesn't always wake up wearing what he went to bed in.  Who really cares if pants and shirts match at 2 am?

Now it's time to hit the  flee market and find some dishes!


  1. So cute Holly! I want one for me--it looks easy to clean than a real kitchen!

  2. Thanks Kara! Yeah, with pretend dishes you can leave them in the sink over night and they're magically clean when you wake up.

  3. It's GREAT! What a difference you made in that kitchen's appeal. I notice the details like the goose-neck faucet so much more in your version.

  4. Looks GREAT Holly! Call you soon :)