Friday, January 28, 2011

Flat-packed Play Space by Gregg Fleishman

I ran across this Asian inspired flat-packed play space by Gregg Fleishman  and couldn't resist sharing!  Fleishman is an architect and artist whose work is driven primarily by geometry.  I did an earlier post on his structures, but you can also find more information as well as tons of photos on his site.  He's even done a car!

I've been doing a bit of research on this particular type of construction.  Gregg Fleishman's work is probably the most complex example I have found.  All of the pieces interlock and support themselves. No tools or hardware are required, making assembly quick and relatively easy.  This method is ideal for designing small indoor play spaces for children.  Having small children (and a small house), I understand the importance of being able to take down and store large toys.  The pieces of plywood can be disassembled and stored flat when not in use...but really, when would you ever want to not use this!

Source:  Inhabitots

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