Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Playhouse for the Children, A Sculpture for the Garden

The aim of  Smart Playhouse, by David Lamolla Kristiansen, is "to be the benchmark for children's garden homes using the latest technology in manufacturing and higher quality materials on the market, whilst respecting the environment.  All this, honoring and promoting both the architectural works that have shaped the creative avant-garde trends since the mid-twentieth century, which together provide a differential value to children and parents."

With options like these, there's no reason why your child's play structure should be an eyesore...instead make it a feature.  Regardless of your style preference you can create a playhouse for your children that will fit seamlessly into your garden.  What playhouse style is right for you?  Click here for a quick rundown of some of the more common playhouse styles.  While as parents its fun to plan and design beautiful play spaces for our children don't forget the ultimate goal is to play, learn, and create!

*  Thanks mom and dad for letting me build the crude not so pretty forts in our yard.    

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