Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bella Meade Playhouse - Before and After

This adorable Victorian playhouse circa 1870 is a part of the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was  used by the Harding-Jackson children in the late 1800s and then by the 20th century descendants before being returned to the Belle Meade property.

I had to include both of these images.  It's not often that you find a before and after of a 140 year old playhouse!  While I love the redo,  I have to admit there is something charming about the white version.  If anyone has interior shots, please send them my way.

First Image: Flickr
Second Image:  Flickr


  1. I much prefer the white version :(

  2. I thought the white version was the after! What were they thinking?