Monday, August 9, 2010

Japanese Inspired Playhouse

This amazing Japanese inspired playhouse by Architect, Bob Borson is just one of 17 playhouses that will be auctioned off at Northpark Mall benefiting Dallas CASA.  They are all available for viewing through August 22nd.  For more pictures including construction documents check out Bob's blog, Life of an Architect.  The detailing on this playhouse takes it to another level that you don't typically see in playhouse construction.  The wood shake shingle roof is beautifully crafted, and I love how the walls have dimension or depth.  The open lower portion of the playhouse not only adds interest, but also allows for great ventilation.  Can I get one of these scaled for an adult?     

The ability to design a space inside and out, not neglecting a single detail, has from the beginning drawn me to playhouse design.  Tiny buildings like this one have an object like quality about them.  Because of their scale and coherent design concept you begin to see space as an object capable of possession.  Most architecture, even residential, is so large and complex that it is not possible to comprehend the entire structure at one time.  This idea of seeing space as an object has fascinated me for some time now.  More on this latter...

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