Friday, July 23, 2010

Ruby's Playhouse

Once again I am shamelessly reaching back (way back) to a playhouse that has already made the blog rounds. Ruby's playhouse is definitely worth taking a minute to reflect on, and I couldn't possibly leave this one out.  Clare Crespo and her husband created this amazing fun space for their daughter!  The playhouse was made primarily from reclaimed materials.  The design of the interior is an ongoing process, as it should be. 

While it may be difficult, especially for someone with a design background, giving up control and letting your child "claim" their space is important.  Don't get me wrong, showing interest in their world and giving them a little design guidance is a great way to spend time with your child.  Just remember,  this is a place where they can be creative.  There is no such thing as colors that don't match or patterns that don't go together.

For more pictures and info check out ohdeedoh.

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