Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cubes of R'Kidtecture

An Interactive Playhouse
By: Design Styles Architecture

Design & Artwork by: Joanne Osborn
Fabrication by: Stack Design

Cube Play
Design by: Cube Design + Research, LLC
Fabrication by: Joseph Metcalf

Once Upon a Child
Design by: John Howey + Associates
Fabrication by: Kalemeris Construction, Inc.

As I was browsing through the images from the 2010 R'Kidtecture event I started to notice a re-occurring theme. Eight of the twenty playhouses were cubes! I found this intriguing. Why would so many architects and designers when given complete freedom to design choose the cube form? Coming from an architectural design background, I can not count the times I have heard "think outside the box." Is this a subconscious rebellion against that familiar saying? Regardless of where the inspiration for these playhouses came from they are each beautifully crafted boxes.

Why think outside the box when you can play inside one?

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  1. Hello Holly,
    I love your Place Imagined site. Thanks for mentioning the playhouse which was a true labor of love as I spent almost three months working with the students at my son's high school. If you happen to be flying into Tampa between now and October 2010, you can see it in person, along with 8 or so other fantastic houses. By the way,in this case the artists and architects were restricted to the dimensions of 5x5x5, and as you can see, mine is NOT a cube, but it IS 8 feet high. I got around the restriction by having the roof detach and attach with hardware.
    Thanks again for the mention!