Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Laure Tixier's Plaid Houses

I was blown away by this body of work! Laure Tixier has created nine colorful kid sized structures whose forms were derived from a series of drawings and models. I have only included a few of her sketches but highly recommend checking out the rest of them on her site. You really have to see them all to get a grasp of the totality of the work. The sketches explore dwellings of various cultures and times ranging from primitive huts to wild futuristic creations. Felt was the choice material because it represents the tent like creations of children. Architecture recognizes the primitive hut as the most basic form of shelter, but if you push the idea further you may find that a child under a blanket is actually where it all began.

On Laure's blog there are pictures of the construction process that give a better idea of the scale of the houses and work involved in creating them.

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