Thursday, January 21, 2010

Recycled Play Huts

Environmental and human rights activist Katell Gélébart has found a way to give new life to old water tanks. By cutting holes for windows and doors and adding a fun coat of paint, she transformed what would have been thrown away into a great play space for children. The little play huts are located at The Dune Eco Resort/Village near Pondicherry in South India.

It is very inspiring to see more and more people taking a second look at old materials and finding creative ways to re use them. I think there are many more objects out there that could be easily transformed into great plays paces for children. For many people spending large sums of money on elaborate playhouses is not an option, but that doesn't mean you can't create an amazing place for your child to play. As always, if you're planning on making your kid a playhouse out of nontraditional materials keep safety in mind, and send me pictures. Can't wait to see more recycled playhouses!

More on the water tank playhouses can be found at ART D'ECO founded by Katell Gélébart.

Source: Go Green Street

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