Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uroko House

I've seen book shelf room dividers, but Point Architects takes the idea and runs with it. The Uroko House would be perfect for loft spaces...if only I had more room. Who wouldn't want to curl up in their own cozy library surrounded by their favorite books and drift off into a fairytale? This concept would also work well in commercial spaces. I could see it in a children's library or in a classroom.

A space defined by shelves allows the user to control the degree of enclosure. Fill every inch of space and you've got a cozy den. Place a few objects here and there and the space has a much more light and airy feel. Using bookshelves as walls is a great way to create an interactive space that can change from day to day. And talk about multifunctional, who couldn't use more storage!

DIY Bookshelf Hideaway:

I love the igloo shape, but this could also be done in more of a box shape using standard shelves. You could make a slipcover top, or leave it open and hang a fun light above the space. If you decide to create a bookshelf room of your own, there are a few safety tips to consider. Younger children may not be able to resist the temptation to climb. Make sure the shelves are secure and won't fall on your child. Don't put heavy or breakable objects up high. Remember, If they can they will.

Source: inhabitots & jeansnow

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