Friday, October 9, 2009

Joan Backes

 This is the first of many post that you will see as part of The Cardboard Project.

The subject of Joan Backes' art is primarily trees, so it's interesting to see a house form take shape in her work. I may be stating the obvious, but paper as well as wood does come from trees, so it only makes sense that she would work in this medium.

It is important to see how two similar paper products can be used to create contrasting results. The Cardboard House is carefully shingled in colorful graphic cardboard giving it a bark-like texture. It also has a heavier, solid, trunk-like feel. The Paper house has a shaggy, yet clean exterior. I can imaging hearing the paper house rustling in the wind, and watching the shadows dance as the paper moves. The Paper House has an interactive connection to nature while the Cardboard house serves as a more protective shelter.

More information on Joan Backes work can be found here.

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