Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playhouse Style: Gypsy Caravan

As I wrote the last post on Joseph Orr's Habitat Hideaway, I realized I had overlooked a popular playhouse style. In order to give a proper explanation of this style, I'm going to have to do extensive research (This is not something we covered in architectural history). I can't wait to see what I can find! For now we'll just go with the obvious...they have wheels. They are also typically covered with ornate detail and are brightly painted. It's an interesting concept, a home that is also a car. Ok, I'm going to stop rambling for now, and post again when I have done more research. I have a feeling an entire book could be written on this.

Raie Macdonnell and her husband Colin own and operate Rainmac Playhouses. They do everything from making the wheels to the custom paint job. Their caravans are fully mobile. Hey, those wheels arn't just for looks!

To see the list of playhouse styles click here.

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