Friday, July 10, 2009

Playhouse Style: Salvaged Shanty

Salvaged shanties are built from reclaimed materials making each one of them a unique one of a kind playhouse. The overall character of each shanty is dependant on the found objects and materials used as well as how they are assembled. Compiling various materials, that some would consider trash, into a rich material composition is a art form not easily achieved. The design process usually begins with a simple straight forward structure that materials are then applied to. Because of this process, most shanties are basic in form, but have complex surfaces.

Randy Jones built the playhouse above from salvaged materials. His work is featured in Children's Playhouses.


  1. Okay, Now my eleven year old son is insisting on a space of his own. I think he's going to be spending lots of time on your blog looking for inspiration. Hmmm... Now I'm wondering if that's a good thing?

    He really likes the one featured above!

  2. I'm feeling a new project in the works...