Storybook style playhouses fit seamlessly into their surroundings as if they have been there forever, and this playhouse is no exception.  There's plenty of room to play, and even a few special features.  A built-in bed with a pull out trundle make this an ideal place for camp outs!  This is one of the larger designs we offer, and some may even consider it a tiny house for adults rather than a playhouse.  PURCHASE PLANS HERE

The playhouse above is a custom design I'm working on.  It's a tad bit whimsical and would fit beautifully into almost any back yard.  The interior is roomy enough that it could be used as a garden office or studio after the kids are grown.  The bay or boxed window on the end has a built in seat providing the perfect place to daydream...if I could only escape there now.


Climb up the ladder and through the circular opening into your own lofty nest. With a couple of outdoor pillows this is an ideal place to daydream, but if you are looking for a more active play space a slide could easily be added. With its fun quirky shape this is not your typical outdoor play structure. It is sure to add a bit of whimsy to any garden!


Being trained as an architect, it's difficult to sketch without constantly thinking of how something will actually be constructed. I think that is one reason I admire children's drawings. They are fearless when it comes to creating! I had a lot of fun with this was very liberating to let go of logic and just sketch. After finishing it and taking a step back, I realize it's still a bit constrained and could probably even be built. Regardless of how it turned out, I'm going to continue to sketch seeking that place where the imagination is not bound by reason.


This sketch was done with younger children in mind. The hut is slightly elevated making it easy for a toddler to climb in and out of. It’s basket like construction gives it a natural handmade feel similar to that of a more primitive hut. The walls would be constructed by weaving a rope or vine around a wooden structure. The structure would be securely attached to a wooden platform and topped off with a cedar shingle or thatched roof. Due to the nature of the materials it would gracefully age over time and begin to look as if it had always been a part of the landscape.

The tiny woven hut would provide your children with their own private nook in the garden, a place to store their treasures or have an afternoon stack. It could also be a fun alternative to the traditional dog house.


This is just a quick preliminary sketch for a series that I am working on. Too Round will be followed by too skinny, too high, too crooked...I could go on and on.

This playhouse design features a loft with windows on all four sides, ideal for lazy summer afternoons. The rustic exterior is clad in cedar shingles giving it a warm natural look. I imagine this playhouse sitting at the edge of the woods, a perfect place to guard your magical forest.

Recognizing that the function of your playhouse may change and planning for it will help ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. As children grow older you may want to transform the space into a garden shed or artist studio. This playhouse was designed with that in mind. Doors as well as ceiling heights are appropriately scaled for adults as well as children. Flower baskets, humming bird feeders, or lanterns can be hung from the exposed structure and viewed from operable window wall. This tiny house allows children to explore nature up close, and could latter serve as a backyard office with the perfect view.

This is the first of my many sketches to actually be built! It has been an exciting process, and I am looking forward to many more. This whimsical playhouse features a operable window wall where children can watch butterflies fluttering among the hanging flower baskets. The baskets can be replaced with lanterns in the evening to light the garden. This design was done for Habitat for Humanity.  PURCHASE PLANS HERE.


Inspiration for this Victorian playhouse came from one of the colorful Painted Ladies. The plan for this formal yet playful structure is square with doors at the front and windows on the remaining three sides. French doors on all four sides would really open up the space and create a great place for a cup of morning coffee (if you are looking for additional ways to use the space). It would be constructed primarily of wood and could possibly have a slate roof topped off with a copper finial.  This fanciful folly could take center stage in a formal garden or be hidden away in a whimsical cottage setting. Regardless of its location it is sure to be a welcoming retreat.  The thumbnail sketch to the left was done a couple years prior to the image above. Quick small sketches are a great way to save ideas.