Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tiny House Fundraiser

Modification of the Flutter-By Plans
Eighteen young adults have been working together for four years studying “The Way of the Bard.” They have practiced performance skills, storytelling and acting, music and dance. They have hiked mountains and slept in hammocks and prepared meals for each other.
Their four-year journey will culminate in June 2017 with a three-week tour of Ireland. They will meet real Bards and historians and practice their performance skills as they walk from village to village sharing stories and music along the way.
To help fund the trip, the students build this tiny house and are selling raffle ticket on their site, treewild.
Check out the fold-down twin bed!
I spy bamboo floors.

I truly admire the hard work and dedication this group has!  Some very lucky winner is going to get an amazing tiny house.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Microshelters by Derek Diedricksen

I'm a little late with this post!  What can I say, it's been crazy busy around here, and apparently that's our new normal.  If you haven't checked out Microshelters by Derek Diedricksen, you should.  It's packed full of tiny house inspiration as well as tips and ideas for building your own tiny house.  Tree houses, cabins, tiny's all covered.  Be warned, you may become obsessed spending endless hours daydreaming, researching and planning your own tiny house life.

I was beyond excited when Deek asked me to create a set of plans for the book. Now, if I could just save up and build it!  That's the tough part about designing tiny structures, you want them all. I had a blast working on the Micro Dogtrot Cabin.  My favorite part about this particular design is it's flexibility.  You can leave the center open and enjoy the breezeway or enclose it if more interior space is needed.  Did I mention it has a loft?  The Micro Dogtrot Cabin is just one of six plans included in the book, so chances are you'll find a plan that you can customize to fit your needs.  

Going to my local bookstore, Lemuria and seeing Microshelters on the shelf was cool!

Another pleasant surprise was seeing my design illustrated by Phil Hackett.  Love the raccoons!