Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lucy's Queen Anne Style Playhouse

Lucy Haskell's playhouse was a gift to her for fifth birthday from her grandfather, John E. Hayner.  The Queen Anne style playhouse, built in 1885, was designed by architect Lucas Pfeiffenberger.  Detailing on the exterior of the house includes stained glass windows, gingerbread woodwork, fish scale shingles at the gable ends and ornamental iron work on the roof.  The playhouse has two porches, one on the front and a smaller one on the side.  Unfortunately I don't have any interior pictures to share, but the interior is made up of one large room, fourteen by sixteen feet.

Sadly, Lucy died at the age of nine of diphtheria.  The estate was given to the city of Alton, and is now a National Register Historical Landmark.  Currently the playhouse is available for parties.  What a perfect place to celebrate a birthday!

Haskell playhouse is in need of restoration.  More information on the restoration efforts can be found through Friends of Haskell Park.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lego Playhouse: Build Big!

Photos - Adrian Walton 

I'm reaching back with this one, but couldn't resist.  With the release of the new Lego Movie, my kids have been Lego crazy!  They constantly run through the house singing "Everything is Awesome!" 

A crew with Make-A-Wish Foundation spent five weekends constructing a playhouse made of legos for 6 year old, Alexander.  The 20 volunteers used 50 large gray plates (for siding) and an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 blocks to create the playhouse.  Would you have the patience to pull this off?

Thinking this would be a fun project...