Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Playhouse Memories

The Playhouse My Dad Built

Sometimes I wonder when my big obsession with tiny spaces began.  If I had to pinpoint a particular moment, It would probably be around the time my dad built our playhouse.  This humble little structure was home to many great memories, and it was these great memories that motivated me to start this blog.  With that being said, I apologize for my unplanned blog break.  I have no excuse other than life just gets busy at times (as I am sure everyone can relate to).  I've enjoyed the last few months spending time with my kids making memories of our own. 

From the picture, it looks like moving day happened well before completion day.  Although, I have to say the completed project did not look much different.  The interior was never "finished"  or even painted for that matter.  But hey, there's nothing wrong with an unfinished interior.  Exposed studs are great shelves for treasures or rock collections.  Mom did make curtains, and we hung a few pictures on the wall. I still have all of my playhouse furniture.  Thank you mom for keeping it!  The chair in the picture along with the matching table is sitting right here in my office. My kids use it for everything from art projects to snack time.

One of my favorite playhouse memories was spring cleaning day.  I'm not sure why this particular memory stuck in my mind.  Maybe it was the sight of washed Cabbage Patch Kids hanging by their toes on the clothes line, or the horror of watching our dog, Suzie run through the yard with one of them by the pigtail.  Mom made us move all the furniture out of the playhouse and wash it all down.  While this may sound like a chore, we had a blast.  If I'm remembering right, there was a water hose and swimsuits involved.  It's about that time of year to plan a spring cleaning day.  Use it as an opportunity to create a fun memory! 

I am so thankful for parents that have always encouraged creativity! 

Quick update:
I have been working really hard on an indoor playhouse line that I'm dying to share, but I can't reveal just yet.  It is taking all I have not to completely spill the beans.  As many of you may already know, my background is in Architecture, not product design, so this has been one major learning experience.  Last week I went to the Tupelo Furniture Market where I talked to several manufacturers who were very generous in sharing information about everything from material sourcing to shipping.  The Franklin Furniture Institute has also been instrumental in guiding me through this process.  I have a new found appreciation for all that goes into taking a product from an idea to the marketplace.  Stay tuned for our indoor playhouse launch!