Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome Playhouse

"An indoor playhouse for children, 'welcome' by mermelada studio takes on a form reminiscent of typical imaginary structures of our youth such as a teepee or an igloo. the tiered conical formation is influenced by a chinese lantern".  Via design boom

Beautiful colors!  Looks cozy too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Makes A Playhouse?

 If you're looking for a minimal DIY playhouse, this is it!  Let you're child's imagination fill in the rest.  Oh, I do like that it has a floor!

 If you're looking for something a bit more rustic, the twig house from the Memphis Botanical Garden is similar in concept.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Creative Spirit Took A Break

From the beginning I've wanted this blog to be a happy place for visitors as well as myself.  I've tried to keep the content focused on playhouses but have wandered a bit from time to time.  For the most part I think this is a place of inspiration and joy.  The last few post have been far and few in between, and I feel the need to do a little explaining.  It was not my plan to just disappear for months at a time.  I have always enjoyed the blog and regardless of what kind of mood I'm in, after doing a post on a playhouse, I'm always happier.  Over the last few months I have had no energy, and I mean none.  What little I had was used on feeding and taking care of my two little boys.  I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who has gone to work and taken care of almost everything at home for the last several months.  After sixteen weeks of a very difficult pregnancy, I had a miscarriage.  The baby girl had down syndrome along with other problems, and we knew for the last few weeks that she would not make it.  I have been very hesitant to share this information, but I know many families have experienced similar situations.  I don't want to go into much more detail than this, but I would like to talk about an unexpected side effect. 

I have never had my creative spirit just go away.  It may sound silly, but it's a part of who I am and how I think.  At one point I recognized it's absence, and even wondered if it was gone for good.  Looking back I honestly believe my body was just too tired and sick to do anything that wasn't necessary.  I am beginning to feel like myself again and can't wait to get started on a few new projects!  It's good to be back!  

I wish I could take credit for the tepee above, but it was just a pleasant surprise we stumbled upon at the park in our neighborhood.